Devinah Cosmetics 57mm Empty Magnetic Palette

Devinah Cosmetics 57mm Empty Magnetic Palette

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This custom "Devinah Cosmetics" Palette will hold One (1) 57mm pan from their range...PLEASE NOTE, this does not come with the product shown, this is a empty palette only. Other "brands" may be popped into the palette as well, but the pan must be made of tin material in order to stick to the magnetic backing.

The palette is made of PVC and the top cover completely removable being held in place by strong rare earth magnets in each corner.

The base is covered in a super strong magnetic sheet to hold pans. (Note: magnetic palettes are designed for tin pans. Aluminum/clay pans will need metal stickers or magnets added to the bottom to "stick")


Each palette is constructed using a solid, slightly flexible, PVC plastic (not paper) base.
The lid is a thick acrylic that will not easily crack or break. This is not the thin plastic found in other see through palettes. It will not give under the weight of other palettes being stacked on top of it or from prolonged use.
The magnets holding the lid to the base are strong neodymium rare-earth magnets.
The magnet inside the palette is an industrial strength sheet magnet (not the kind found in craft stores). Your makeup will stay in place without sliding or falling out.

These palettes are *not* made of cardboard, fabric, or paper.

They are 100% hand washable and can be completely submerged under water for cleaning.
Makeup residue will not stick to them.
They can be sanitized.