We stand united by Colour, Quality, & our passion for Cosmetics. Providing you some of the best brands that the U.S.A, UK & Canada have to offer. Lipstick Republic supports 100% Cruelty Free Products. 
Lipstick Republic (ABN 26 350 099 470) was founded in March 2012 by a self confessed "Make-up Addict". After a short trip to the U.S, Michelle was exposed to an array of brands sadly not available to Australians. Lipstick Republic was created from a passion for make-up and a desire to fill that void and make available some of the best local & international brands here in Australia.  We firmly believe and standby all the products we sell, and our mission is to give you with the best customer service experience that a online retailer can provide.

"We have tried to bring a mix of both the colorful, affordable and the edgy; Brands that you may or may not have heard of, from Indie to the mainstream. I love introducing something new to our customers and whilst supporting those who support the Cruelty Free way.The name “Lipstick Republic” to us meant something strong, independent and powerful partnered with something that was sweet and über feminine. It started off as a homage to Lipstick’s but there was just too many killer products out there, we couldn't resist showcasing a full range of Must-Have make-up products from Lipsticks to Eye Shadows and everything in between. I’d like to think that we have become the Go-To website for the hard to obtain brands in Australia, as we have introduced Australian’s to brands such as Saucebox Cosmetics & Makeup Monsters and given indie companies like Spectrum Collections, Rebels Refinery & Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics more exposure in this country. There is nothing bland about the products we sell! It has become the home of unique and the underground." - Michelle Georgiou CEO/Founder

Lipstick Republic only sources stock directly from the manufacturer or their designated distributor so you can trust that all of our products are 100% Authentic.
Lipstick Republic is based in Melbourne, Australia.

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