After many years in research and development our desire to deliver a truly luxurious, high quality cosmetics collection to Australia and the world has finally been fulfilled. Obsessed with quality, and dedicated to the detail, we have thrived in the freedom of shaping a luxury cosmetics line from the purity of a blank canvas. In conceiving a truly premium brand, Savoir Faire’s obsession with quality extends far beyond simple visual aesthetics.As one would expect, Savoir Faire upholds the highest ethical and quality standards and does not test on animals or utilise animal products, including hair. Nor do their products contain ingredients deemed harmful to the skin, and where possible will always seek to derive natural ingredients, eradicating talc and other harmful chemicals.Opting for natural over synthetic has opened the doors for those with sensitive skin to discover the joy of premium, luxury makeup; some for the very first time.
Company of Australia.

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