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Nudestix Review + Swatches



You may have already caught the buzz about the latest cult brand to hit Lipstick Republic, about a beauty-loving chemical engineer, her two teenage daughters, and an innovative idea for a cosmetic line. So what exactly are NUDESTIX, and how are they going to change the way you approach and apply makeup? Well, let me fill you in...
NUDESTIX are the brainchild of teenagers Ally and Taylor, and their mum Jenny (who was also the brains behind MAC's Lipglass. Cool, huh?) Together they have created a streamlined collection of easy to use multi-purpose makeup crayons made up of soft, subtle, neutral shades designed to enhance your natural features rather than overwhelming them with bright colours or harsh lines.
In the NUDESTIX range you'll find eight shades of the Eye Pencil (which can be used as an eyeshadow, eyeliner and highlighter), eight shades of the Lip and Cheek Pencil, and eight shades of the soft matte Concealer pencil. Rounding out the collection is an Italian-made lengthening and nourishing mascara. Today, I'll take you through my picks from the range -  the Eye Pencils Stardust and Smoke, the Lip and Cheek Pencils Whisper and Sin, and the Mascara.
The Eye Pencils: Stardust & Smoke

The shades Stardust and Smoke both caught my eye immediately. Stardust is a beautiful shimmering champagne shade that has endless uses - use it to create a gorgeous pearl wash all over the lids, apply it to in the inner corners of your eye to create a bright-eyed look, or use it as a highlight on top of your cheekbone. Smoke is a light gun metal grey which I use to create depth in the crease and socket, and define my lower lash line.
From Left to Right: Stardust, Smoke
Eye Pencils in Stardust and Smoke, with Nudestix Mascara
The trick to applying these eye pencils is all in the smudge - either blend and tap in with your fingers, or use the inbuilt smudger on the end of each pencil. Together these two shades create a killer combination that appears effortless, and it's a look I'll be sporting on a very regular basis in the months to come.
The Lip + Cheek Pencils: Whisper & Sin

Now, you might be thinking, "But Lip and Cheek products never work on both the lips and cheeks!" And I agree, normally these types of products will work well on one area but not the other. But rest assured dear readers, this kick ass formula has all its bases covered. These pencils boast a super creamy texture which glides onto your lips, leaving a sheeny but pigmented finish.
Whisper on both Lips & Cheek
Sin used as a blush, Whisper on the lips
On the cheeks, they give a subtle watercolour cream blush effect. Whisper is a true nude, which leaves opaque finish on the lips and a very natural warm flush on the cheeks. Sin caught my attention straight away - it's the type of berry shade that I'm always drawn to, and it didn't disappoint. It gives a glossy finish to the lips and a gorgeous, healthy pink hue to your cheeks.
Lip & Cheek Pencil in Whisper
Lip & Cheek Pencil in Sin
The Mascara

The product that (pleasantly!) surprised me the most was the mascara. It ticks pretty much every box on my mascara list - lengthening, thickening, curling, and not a spider lash to be seen. The formula was also designed to increase the natural growth rate of your lashes – so far it’s too early to notice a difference, but I’m excited at the prospect of thicker, longer lashes!
Beauty on the Go

Each pencil is eco-packaged in collectible embossed tin, which comes handy mirror built into the lid and a pencil sharpener. Given these pencils' many uses, they are perfect for beauty on the go, and create what the NUDESTIX gals call "the modern day makeup bag".
So there you have it, a peek into my NUDESTIX collection (so far). Next time I'll show you how to use the Concealer Pencils to not only hide dark circles and blemishes, but to create a killer contour using a combination of light and dark shades.