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OCC Nail Lacquer Swatches


OCC have been one of my favorite brands for a while now - I love all their products, their great colour selection, while sometimes seems a bit out there, I feel they cater for everyone. 

Their Nail Lacquers have not let me down in regards to colour selection.  The quality I find, is way better than some of the other big brands out there. 

The formulation on most of the polishes are a thick, creamy and opaque consistency.  If you're in a hurry one thick coat will work, otherwise I find that if you do two thin coats they not only apply smoothly and less product wastage, but the thin coats dry really fast.  Incredibly fast in fact, it's impressive. 

Dangerous is the only lacquer with a different, thinner formulation. It almost seemed watery, so really need to do 2 thin coast with this one, but with the 2 layers the finish is still the same.  Not too sure what is up with that polish. 

In regards to wear and tear, I usually find that a typical OPI polish for example will start to chip off in less than 5 hours. I have worn a number of these OCC Lacquers for 3 days easily before any major chips, just the usual fading around the edge of your nail tips.

Lets talk about finishes - Majority of them have a glossy finish as I mentioned earlier however the fluro colours all seem to have a flat finish, not quite matte but not a glossy finish, so in all these photos I have put a glossy top coat, all the others though have no top coat at all. 
I find the glitter polish 'Arsenic' to be one of those polishes where one coat will give you a lot of glitter.  None of this 3 specks of glitter in each layer. It's a full on glitter hit and I love it.

NSFW is also a polish which isn't the thick opaque finish, its more of a jelly finish. One that you can see through (like jelly)

I have tried the 'SHELLAC'D' topcoat at IMATS and I was impressed with the glossy finish and there was no shrinkage on the nails which is what I look for in a shiny top coat.  

I did pick up the matte topcoat 'Flatline' which is an interesting addition to my collection and I am on the fence to be honest.  I think I would use it more with the dark deeper autumn/winter shades and if I specifically wanted a matte manicure but not all the time. 

Here are the colours that I have in my collection:


Black Board

BLACKBOARD- Dark dusty blackened green

Mein Heir

MEIN HERR- Creme fraiche beige 

RIPLEY- Blackened antique olive-gold metallic

RADIATE- Opaque demi-matte UV red


ARSENIC- Brilliant silver glitter

WASABI- Opaque bright whitened chartreuse

CHLOROPHYLL- Opaque vibrant teal/ green

SWAMPTHING- Opaque drab olive green

SPANGLEMAKER- Opaque industrial silver

BLACK METAL DAHLIA NAIL- Deep maroon with red pearl

ELECTRIC SHEEP- Dreamy lavender with metallic silver shimmer

SUSPIRIA- Opaque UV magenta

POOL BOY- Opaque, aquatic blue creme

PANSY- Opaque creme violet

ECHO- Opaque darkest teal-toned blue

STRUMPET- Opaque retro plum-red

POND- True royal blue

ISHERWOOD- Metallic tobacco ebony

FEATHERED-Pure opaque white

ANIME- Vibrant neon pink creme

NSFW- Opaque true primary red

DEVEN GREEN- Nearly neon-green (Creme)

RX- Cyan blue creme

BLACK DAHLIA- Opaque blackest blackend red

SEETHING- Lingerie satin pink (Pearlescent)

DANGEROUS- Opaque original true grey

BETA- Opaque demi-matte neon orange

FLATLINE - Matte Top coat (on all except ring finger)


Overall I am really impressed with these polishes.  If you are after a quick drying, long wearing lacquer and after a wide and bright colour selection then do yourself a favour and pick up some of these polishes here!