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Focus On: Alex Faction

So on our usual hunt for inspiration...We stumbled across a male Make-Up Artist who we have now dubbed as our "King of Special FX" ! Guys, meet Alex Faction.  A super sweet 24 y.o mega Hottie (if we do say so ourselves) Chicago based Cosmetologist and YouTube "Guru" who wow's us every time with his amazingly detailed creations.  We thought since Halloween is quickly approaching we should share with you a little bit of inspiration and quite honestly there is none better than Mr. Faction!  


 "My passion for makeup rose from the raw beauty of it all. To have to power to transform a person’s self-image, to hand someone self-confidence, to show people something incredible about themselves, something they maybe they never knew existed—all with the flick of a brush. People get paid to do this? Sign me up! After working on my new found passion for some time, something wonderful happened. I discovered the most amazing strangers—YouTube "Gurus”! Beacons of inspiration who took their experience and education and devoted their lives to sharing it with the rest of the world. I was so moved by what these incredible artists have contributed to the beauty industry on such a wide scale that I had to become one of them myself. With education being such a huge passion of mine and being a member of the beauty industry where the learning never stops— it was totally WIN WIN. That settled it—next stop, YouTube! Since beginning my journey as a professional makeup artist I have taken every makeup class I can get my hands on, became a certified educator, and devoted the rest of my days to spreading my education and experiences with the next generation of young and aspiring makeup artists. From then I have had the most incredible journey, made everlasting friendships, and hopefully helped a few people along the way."

Check out some of his amazing work:



You can check out all of Alex Factions tutorials and image on Facebook, Youtube, Instagram or follow his tweets on Twitter.

*All images used are courtesy of Alex Faction.