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If you haven't seen Miss Sarah Chambers on Instagram, then you are missing out.  This super sweet Mother of (Almost) 2 / Makeup Guru / Makeup Artist Extraordinaire from California is truly an Artist with a capital "A" that inspires ten's of thousands across the globe each day!  So we had to have a chat and asking this brilliant lady a few questions :


What got you started in the Makeup World?

I've always been naturally drawn to anything artsy so makeup for me was just another medium on a different kind of canvas!


Are you self taught or did you receive formal training?

I am self taught although I feel that having been in art classes/schools since I was young it has taught me a lot, their is many similarities such as shading and so on!


What are your favorite brands/Indie Brands?

I've been a Mac girl from the beginning since having the opportunity to attend different makeup shows such as IMATS (International Makeup Artist Trade Show).  I've been introduced to many emerging brands such as Saucebox, Sugarpill, Eyekandy which have easily become some of my fave's!


Your looks are always different and totally stunning...Where do you get your inspiration from?

My inspiration comes from anything and everything from an outfit inspired look to a sunset, many different things can be inspirational!


What is your every day "Go-To" makeup look?

My everyday go to look would be a soft smokey eye maybe a little sparkle by adding some glitter and nude lip...I'm dramatic hence my everyday being a smokey with glitter lol

If you had to only use one brand for the rest of your life, what would you choose and why?

I think I'd stick to Mac just because its been a go to for me for so long.


What are your 5 favorite makeup brushes?

I have a hard time picking a brush company I favor the most I have so many I love, I use a lot of Mac's and also Morphe Brushes.


What's next for Sarah?  Any Career Goals?

Right now I am 6 months pregnant with my second little girl so my career goals have slightly been paused although I love what I do my family will always come first, but I know I will be back and running full time again in the near future :)


What are some common makeup mistakes you see people do?

A common mistake I see people making is blending...Whether it be with their foundation or their eye shadow...Blending is key to a flawless look.  You want to make sure you blend all the mediums well!


Do you have some favorite people to follow on Instagram?

I'd have such a long list if I start naming off each IG'er I enjoy following. ..but if naming one, I love Naomi @vegas_nay she was one of the first to share my looks and support me.  It was so sweet, I've loved following her posts and she shares others work, it gives a good variety! And of course Lipstick Republic ;)

Thank You Sarah for taking the time to talk to us!  It was a great pleasure :) You can follow Sarah Chambers on Facebook & Instagram