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Saucebox Cosmetics ‘Étude’ Palette



Neutral palettes seem to be all the craze these days, blink and another makeup brand has come up with a new neutral palette.
Saucebox not only has created a neutral palette to compliment their brighter palettes but they have taken it to a slightly different direction in creating a purely matte neutral palette.

The Étude palette come with 8 matte eyeshadows ranging from light highlight shades a variety of browns and all the way through to a mate black shade.




The palette itself has the typical sauce box art work which I think is super cute. It is made from sturdy cardboard and each shadow has the indent to be able to pop them out with ease so you can add other colourful shades to it as you require them – perhaps when travelling. Each shadow contains a huge 4.5gms of product.



The shades are:

Snowflake is a slightly off white shade
Beaming is a medium  cream shade
Biscotti is a reddened brown
Chocolate is a very cool mid toned brown
Caramel is a warm mid toned brown
Toffee is a matte black (where the name toffee comes from I don’t know)
Almond is a darkish grayed brown
Cream Dream is a lighter warm brown.

L to R: Snow Flake, Beaming, Biscotti, Chocolate

L to R: Snow Flake, Beaming, Biscotti, Chocolate

L to R: Caramel, Toffee, Almond, Cream Dream

L to R: Caramel, Toffee, Almond, Cream Dream

The pigmentation on all of these eyeshadows is just as I have come to expect from Saucebox, incredibly rich and true to pan.   I tend to find that matte shadows across the board are a bit hit and miss and have a tendency to be a bit powdery, these shadows seem a bit powdery in the pan but it doesn’t transfer to the eyes.  At the beginning when i first started using them i was a bit worried about the potential fall out from the powdery appearance, but I haven’t had a problem with that at all.

They are super blend-able which again I am surprised at. The black in particular blends like a dream with no effort. It would actually be perfect for a dark smokey eye.
I wore these shadows with no base and i got a good 5 hours out of it with no creasing and the shadows were still in place, there was no colour transferring or bleeding between the shades.

This palette has the benefit of not only having universal shades, but i think they have put that little bit of extra thought into the shades by having the range of cooler browns which can be used for eyebrows and also for contouring on some skin colours.
I personally use chocolate to contour, but do keep in mind that they are very pigmented and you need to use a very light hand to have them not come off as muddy.

When I compare this to other complimenting palettes such as the Naked Basics palette, (and by ‘complimenting’, I mean a matte neutral palette that is designed to go with their other shimmery palettes) I prefer the colour selection with Saucebox. I find in the Naked Basics palette there are 3 shades that are just too similar and light for people with darker skin tones, they won’t get as much use out of it.  The Étude palette on the other hand has shades to cover ALL skin tones which is what i really like, considering I have darker skin.

Overall I have been pleasantly surprised with this palette and Saucebox has really rounded off their palette collection with then.  If you wanted to see the other palette from Saucebox, you can see them here.

You can pick up the Étude palette will set you back $59.  That takes them down to approx. $7.50 a pan which is great value for Australians.

What do you think about the Étude palette?  Would it complement your collection well??