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Sugarpill Cold Chemistry Review

Sugarpill is a brand I started using when they first came out years and years ago.  Their speciality is bright and highly pigmented eyeshadows, weather they are pressed palettes or insanely crazy colours of loose pigment, they have been doing it well since 2003. If you are exclusively a 'neutrals' person, there is a chance you would have never heard of Sugarpill.

Their most recent eye shadow palette 'Cold Chemistry' caught my attention because it was stepping away from their usual path (bright matte reds, yellows, oranges, blues etc) and exploring more shimmery and deeper rich colours which is much more down my alley.

The palette is packaged slightly different  to the others, which are 4 bunched together in a square, this one is 4 shadows next to each other to make a thinner more sleek palette which I much prefer.

The design on the outer sleeve and the palette itself is almost like shattered glass effect and the mirror inside also matches that theme and looks like a piece of shattered glass itself.  The mirror is kind of an odd shape and not that easy to use so for me is more for design and not so much functionality. Saying that, i really like the look of it and it goes with the rest of the design really well. 

There are four colours in the palette and they are:

Soot & Stars which is a dark gunmetal grey with silverish blue shimmer through it.

Diamond eyes is a glittery shimmery white.

Elemental Chaos is a light-ish blue toned purple.

Subterranean is my favorite shade in the whole palette, its a beautiful jewelled toned green.

The above swatches was three layers of each shade without primer.

As far as quality goes, I feel that these eye shadows are very buttery and feel almost 'wet'. This caused a lot of fallout so make sure you use a shadow shield to catch the fallout!
'Diamond Eyes' is quite sheer and will need to be built up or worn over a white base for it to show up properly, especially on darker skin tones.

I found that pigmentation wise they weren't so  'BAM in your face' pigmented as their matte eye shadows, but if you can use a primer such as Concrete Minerals Primer which really helps the colour pop. The shades do blend easily though which is important for bold colours like this.

Overall I really like where they were going with this palette the colours look gorgeous and it is a palette that is well suited for those with brown eyes. 


I will be doing a video tutorial using this palette in the next couple of days so keep checking back to see it in action.