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Concrete Minerals Pro Matte Pigments


Concrete Minerals is a new brand to Lipstick Republic and also not one I have heard much of on the bloggosphere.  When I saw that they have an extensive range of Pigments (loose eyeshadows) and a line of matte pigments I instantly had to get some.  

Matte pigments are something I don't really recall any brand out there doing (or not that I know of). Most pigments are highly shimmery, metallic or glittery so to have a pure matte pigment was something I HAD to try and I could also justify it because I didn't have anything like it.

Another reason I was interested was because historically matte eyeshadows are the hardest to get right, for any brand. Even some MAC matte shadows are flops, they usually come off as being too powdery, a lot of fall out, sometimes they can come off a bit patchy and kind of just blend away which is a shame, but it is what it is.

There are 14 matte pigments in the collection and naturally I have therm all.

First of all we have:

Confession which is plain matte white. Being so stark white it can look a bit chalky on my skin tone but is very pigmented and blends well.

Fame is a bright canary yellow which is as bright on the skin as it is in the jar. I was surprised with how well this showed up on my skin colouring.

Ember is a dark burnt orange shade - it comes across as being slightly powdery and slightly ashy on my skin tone but surprisingly blends well.

Hi-Fi is an intense hot pink - It's the Candy Yum Yum of eyeshadows, and that says it all really. Pigmentation of this shade blows my mind, as you can see from the swatch below, that was just one swipe and no primer underneath. Seriously A-Mazing!



The next shade I found after I had swatched the rest so it gets a line to itself...

Risque is again an insanely pigmented watermelon reddish shade which, after one swatch just gives pure pigment true to pan

The green shades in the collection are so unique.

Toxic is what you would imagine it would be, minus the shimmer. It's a bright Chartreuse shade that really makes a statement. It's slightly chalky and ashy on my skin tone but I can imagine would look amazing on paler skin tones.

Gossip is almost a perfect mint green and I love it! I am big on the mint green thing that happened last year and this green is like the perfect mint green. It is slightly chalky on darker skin type but it blends like a dream.

Thrash is a deeper forest green shade which is gorgeous.  As far as green shadows go I really like this one and I am looking forward to playing around with it and using it in tutorials.

Jet is the darkest shade there is, I wouldn't say its black black, more of a dark blackened grey. Pigmentation is fantastic and I actually like the fact that its more of a grey as it's not so harsh.


Domino is a darkish blue with a hint of a green undertone to it. It is actually one of my favourite colours, such a slight aqua hint to it that really makes it stand out to me.

Bulletproof is a bright 'boom' in your face type of colour. It's an almost light royal blue shade which looks like it just stepped from the 80's. I'm not too sure how I am going to wear this one but the pigmentation is insane!

Bruise is a deep navy blue which would compliment brown eyes really well and if you incorporated it into a smokey eye it would be something slightly different, stepping away from the typical black.


And finishing up here with the purples.  I have said it before and I will say it again, purple eyeshadows are just SO hard to get right.. from even the top brands so I was really interested to see how Concrete Minerals stood up against the rest.

Queen is one of those shades that suits the name perfectly. When I see it I think royalty. The Pigmentation is amazing, the colour itself is the right shade of purple. I am really happy that this pigment exists.

Ravage is an almost deep lilac shade, I don't recall having a shade in my collection. It comes off being slightly chalky and a little less pigmented than Queen.  It's still better than a lot of other matte purple shadows I have seen don't get me wrong, but it's not quite up there like Queen was for me.



So that wraps up the Pro Matte Pigments collection by Concrete Minerals, overall I think they are amazing and mostly I love that they are different, being matte pigments.

There are a few shades that come off slightly on the ashy side, but I actually take that down to the fact that my skin tone is much more dark olive toned.  I think that on people with much paler skin the few colours that didn't work with me so much would look amazing.
With all the swatches above they were literally one swipe on no primer, so those shades that are a bit chalky would be totally fine on a primer.
The other thing I was amazed at was how well they blended, all of them, there wasn't a particular shade that I thought was harder to blend.

A huge thumbs up from me!

Let me know what your thoughts are on these.  Have you tried Concrete Minerals before?