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How-To | Brows on Fleek!

How-To | Brows with Anastasia Beverly Hills
A complete step by step tutorial on how to achieve the perfect brow!  So get your tools ready and let's dive into it!
What you'll need:
A trusty set of Tweezers
A small set of Scissors
A stiff angled brush
Alright!  Before we start getting those brows looking fabulous.  Make sure you start off with a clean brow!
1. Grooming. This is so important! A groomed brow always helps with achieving the perfect brow. Using Anastasia Beverly Hill’s Tweezers, pluck away any unnecessary brow hairs.

2. Use little scissors to trim brow hairs where needed.

3. Using ABH #12 Brush and only a little product of ABH Dipbrow pomade (I am using the colour ‘Chocolate’ ) begin my tracing the bottom portion of the brow, and outline your desired shape, do this by following the natural shape of the brow.
4. Now trace out the top portion of the brow, creating an outline of the shape you wish your brow to look.

5. Using a little bit more of the dip brow pomade, fill in the extension of the eyebrows, leaving the middle and beginning section of your brows completely bare. Gradient brows and the most natural looking (especially if you have sparse brows like me!)

6. Now using ABH Brow Wiz (Im using the shade ‘Chocolate’) fill in the middle and beginning section of the brow using upward strokes and remember to be light handed. Try to mimic natural brow hairs.

7. Using the Spoolie side on the Brow Wiz, brush through the brow, to soften the look as well as diffuse any harsh lines you may have applied.

8. Using a flat shade concealer brush and concealer, outline the bottom of the brow as well as the extension, this will clean up the brow, and will achieve a very clean and crisp look.

9. Use your finger to blend out.

10. Brush ABH Clear Brow gel all through the brows, this will give the brows a natural look.

11. Using the same #12 brush and ABH duo brow powder in ‘Ebony’, using the darker shade in that duo, I like to create little brow hairs in the beginning portion of my brows, this just gives the brows a fuller look.
    And there you have it!  Not as hard as it looks when it's all broken down in a step by step tutorial huh?  So what are you waiting for?  Get your brows on Fleek!