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Nail Tutorial - Winter Smoke

A stunning Winter themed nail art look using Grey, White and Black ... Embrace the gloom this winter with this "Winter Smoke" nail art design from Nalini!

1. You will need to choose three shades for your base and design, together with base coat and topcoat (not pictured), as well as a dotting tool (or bobby pin, if you don't have a dotting tool). You can, of course, choose to use more, but you will need a minimum of at least three shades. I've used ORLY Mirror Mirror for my base, and Sally Hansen White On and ORLY Liquid Vinyl for the design. You might like to lay down some paper for your work surface so you don't get your workstation dirty.

2. After using base coat to prime and protect your nails, paint your nails with 2 layers of your base polish.

3. Apply a layer of topcoat to your base shade to protect it (very important when it comes to Step 4 later on). A quick dry topcoat like Poshe or Seche Vite is preferable, but use whatever you have on hand.

4. Have the polish bottles you plan on using for your polish open and ready, as you'll have to work quickly, going nail by nail. Dot on three small dots of each shade, one after the other, staying as close to the base of the nail as possible.

5. Use the dotting tool to swirl the polish dots around while they are still wet, to create that winter smoke look. Be careful not to press too hard or you'll scrape through to the base coat.

6. Repeat for all nails and you're done! This looks just as pretty as an accent nail as it does for a full manicure, and you can also swirl the design all over your nail instead of just leaving it near the base of the nail. Give it a few moments to dry and then finish with a layer of topcoat to protect your design!