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OCC LipTar's: The Art of Mixing

What if I told you that you can make any colour you have ever wanted by mixing these five Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars together. 
Think way back to your primary school days - you are introduced to primary colours a black and a white and are told you can create any colour from these 5 paints... 
What if I told you that you can make any colour you have ever wanted by mixing these five Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tars together. 

These shades are:

Feathered – white

Traffic – yellow

NSFW – red

RX – blue

Tarred - black

Most people will be looking at the shades above and will be thinking that the only shade they would consider wearing would be the red... That's true, but when you start to mix the shades together you can start to see how you can get create and can start making more wearable colours. 

Mixing Traffic and the NSFW in equal quantities makes you a bright orange

or by using the same two shades in different proportions, you can make a dark coral shade 

Mixing RX and NSFW makes a dark berry shade

And mixing RX and Traffic allows you to make various green shades

If you start to play around by adding in white or black, the shade possibilities increase. Adding in white brightens and lightens a shade, and adding in some black darkens and deepens a colour. Take red as an example, if you add NSFW and Feathered together you make anything from a pale pink to a dark magenta pink

and if you add a bit of Tarred to NSFW you can start to make deep red shades and burgundy shades.

Then if you want to start mixing more than two shades together, you can start creating shades like the following

A coral pink mixing Feathered, Traffic and NSFW

A lavender shade by mixing Feathered, NSFW and RX

And a nude shade using Feathered, NSFW, Traffic and a hint of RX

You can even play around and make a Tiffany blue shade by mixing Feathered, Traffic and RX

If you loved a shade you have made and you want to keep that exact shade, just mix some in a small plastic container! These five shades can give you endless possibly when it comes to creating new lipstick shades. 

These shades also give you the ability to tweak existing lipstick shades. For example, if you had a red and wanted to make it a blue-based red, you can take a tiny amount of RX on your lip brush and you can mix it into your red lipstick. If you wanted to make it a more orange toned red, just mix a little bit of Traffic, if you wanted to make a darker cherry red then add a little bit of Tarred. 

These LipTars may look intimidating, but they can help you create every single shade possible, and you only need five products. 

Have fun and don't forget to #Lipstickrepublic so we can see your creations!!