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5 Simple Tips for Clear Skin


If you’re anything like me I rarely wear make up when it's hot and when I do I only want to wear a really thin layer so clear skin is a must-have. I've got a few handy tips that are super quick, easy and affordable to help keep your skin clear.




 1. I know everyone keeps telling you and you’re sick of hearing it but drinking water is one of the best things to keep your skin decongested and glowing.


 2. No this does not mean using a face wipe to take off your make up and calling it a day! Despite that being a quick and easy method it does not cleanse your skin at all or remove all your make up. Make sure you go back in with a cleanser to remove the remainder of your make up and give your skin a proper cleanse, this will lessen the likelihood of breakouts occurring.


 3. Lemon juice has astringent properties that will suck the oils out of the spot and decrease the size. It’s best to do this at night and wash off before going in the sun because it can make the skin a little bit more sensitive to the sun.


 4. I have been through 3 big bottles of tea tree oil because it’s incredible at drying out any huge pimples. It’s a powerful antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral alternative, which means it’ll kill any bacteria and really speed up the healing process. Make sure to keep your skin moisturized though because it can be drying.


 5. Honey is naturally antibacterial and is super gentle on the skin – almost moisturizing.  Bacteria cause most blemishes so honey naturally cleans out the bacteria therefore less bacteria means less breakouts. Make sure to get the raw and organic kind!


What are your best tips for clear skin?