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The Bold Lip


Spring is here in Australia!  And that means its time to pull out your makeup kit and get on some new Season trends.

As we watched the models strut their stuff in the latest Spring/Summer 2013 campaigns, there were 4 things that stood out. Barely there makeup, bold brows, Red lips and pops of colour around the eyes. If the bold Red lip is something that truly sends you into a downward spiral, thinking "I could never pull off such a bold colour!" Well fear not! We are here to show you a some options so you are sure to find one that suits you.

Lets start with the different shades of Red. Oh yes, I know what you are thinking, I had those same thoughts when someone tried to explaining to me there were different shades of Red.   Basically we have a warm Red: Your Orange based Red. And cool Red: Blue toned Red. Depending on your skin tone, warm or cool toned this can often determine what Red you would choose.  As a general rule, cool toned people tend to go for cool toned reds, and vice versa.  I personally think rules are made to be broken! If you dare to wear a contrasting shade be prepared for a high impact pucker,  your lips will automatically be the centre of attention!

The next thing to think about is the finish...Ah yes, the finish....Whether it be Matte, Satin, Glossy or somewhere in between. Looking for that old hollywood glamour type look?  Throw on a Matte lipstick! Brands such as Lime Crime & Sleek Makeup leading the charge with these right now...With many other brands following suit. These have the reputation of being slightly drying on the lips so we suggest exfoliating with a scrub such as Bite Beauty Whipped Cherry Scrub and moisturising your lips with a little bit of balm prior to application . Otherwise, go for a glossy finish. These tend to be creamier lipsticks which leave a lovely wash of colour with a silky texture.

Lime Crime’s ‘Velveteens’ lipstick is by far the hottest and boldest lip products on the market these days.  They are selling like hot cakes around the world and with good reason.  They are the most unique product we have seen for a long time.  They have the appearance of a lip gloss, the same consistency, the same formula and the same doe foot applicator as a gloss. But they dry with a Matte almost velvet finish (hence the name).  Once they are dry they are touch proof, they won’t wipe off, non transferrable, which i think many boyfriends/husbands/significant others might really appreciate.  Both are long lasting, much more than a standard lipstick and are very comfortable to wear.  Lime crime is also a 100% Vegan and cruelty free company which gives them an edge above the rest. 

Red Velvet is a deep rich Blue toned Red, looks AMAZING on people with pale skin and also makes your teeth look whiter.  Suedeberry is more of an Orange Red, its slightly lighter in shade but still dries with that velvety finish. 

Sleek Makeup’s “Stilletto“ is lovely rich cool toned Red. The formula is quite creamy for a Matte lipstick which means its not too drying on the lips.  It doesn’t accentuate any dryness as Matte lipsticks have a tendancy to do. Being very comfortable to wear, this makes a great everyday lipstick!

Even though it's ALL about the Matte these days and Matte just really isn't for you check out Sleek Makeup's “O.M.G”. It is a warm red with a sheen finish and just like the name suggests it is highly pigmented with it's Orange undertones.  It leaves your lips feeling moisturised and glossy making it very easy to wear. 

Sleek Makeup's "OMG" Lipstick

Lime Crime’s ‘Retrofuturist’ is certainly one to wear when you want to make a statement...What am I saying?! Any Red lip will make a statement!  But the Lime Crime super bright Opaque lipsticks have that name for a reason. One swipe on the lips and you have a gorgeous, true to tube colour. This is completely opaque, one layer will do and is so smooth and creamy to apply. With its yummy vanilla smell, it’s a dream to use.  They have a shiny finish, and the formula isn’t at all drying and doesn't set into the lines you may have on your lips. This is truly one of our favorite Lime Crime lipstick shades.

Stepping away from the standard lipstick, there is also the option of ‘liquid lipsticks’ and the infamous Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics LipTar.  Secretly (well not so much) Liptars are our obsession! NSFW (not suitable for work), Stalker and Super NSFW which is the metallic version of the original NSFW.

NSFWStalkerSuper NSFW

NSFW is described as a true Red, right in the middle. Perfect for all skin tones and works with any and all skintones! Stalker is a blue based mid-toned Red. Super NSFW which is the same as NSFW with an added metallic shimmer! The thing you need to know about OCC Liptars being that they are a super concentrated liquid lipstick, the tiniest amount goes a really long way...And I am talking the TINEST OF DROPS of this stuff will be enough to cover your entire lips with this opaque, rich glossy finish. They are AMAZING!!!

Stalker & NSFW Swatches

If you still aren’t convinced, Bite Beauty's High Pigment Matte pencil in ‘Poppy’ is well worth trying.  Not only because its actually the healthiest lip product on the market (look out for an upcoming editorial on Bite Beauty). It also comes in a easy to use pencil form and unlike other lip pencils on the market which seem to be more of a stain, these look and feel like a standard lipstick.  It is opaque, creamy and the colour lasts for ages. I find it to last longer than your average lipstick. It feels so nice and light on the lips, while leaving your lips moisturised and soft. Perfect for winter and super easy to throw in your bag when needed.

 Bite Beauty's Lip Pencil in Poppy

Quick Tip:  If you happen to ‘go outside the lines’ when applying a Red lipstick, use some concealer and a angled brush to trace around the outside of you lip line for an instant erase of any mistakes.

Well that just about sums up this Season's Bold Lip trend! So let's see you ROCKING the Red Lip this Spring and show us by using our hashtag #LRBoldLips on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.